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Western Tydens UK Ltd.

Western Tydens UK

Western Tydens UK Limited is a UK based firm that specializes in the manufacture of a complete range of Diesel Engine Exhaust Solutions. These include ATEX approved Spark Arresters, Exhaust Cleaners/Purifiers, Silencers, Pipework and Accessories. Western Tydens is the UK Distributor for Engine Control Systems range of Off-Road Catalytic Converters and Particulate Filters.


Primary Spark Arresters

Designed to act as a spark arrester/ silencer and can be used as a primary silencer for most industrial applications Twin centrifuge design for optimum spark arresting Good silencing (10d dB+)

Secondary Range Spark Arresters

Description Designed to add on to existing exhaust systems used in conjunction with existing silencer simple single centrifuge type

Band Clamps

Simple effective gas tight way to connect exhaust components Butt type for joining to equal sized pipes Flex type for joining flexible to solid tubing or can be used on overlapping joints Manufactured in stainless steel.

Catalytic Converters:

For Diesel Engines Diesel Exhaust Purifiers, and Catalytic Converters from Engine Control Systems, consist of either a ceramic or metallic honeycombed substrate coated with an advanced precious metal washcoat enclosed in a stainless steel housing, through which the hot exhaust gas is passed. The effect of the catalytic coating causes an oxidation of the most hazardous gases, Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC) to form less harmful Carbon Dioxide and water.

Combi-Filter system (Active Regeneration)

Designed to remove soot and particulate matter from diesel engine exhaust. The exhaust gas is passed through a ceramic substrate which traps the particulates, the captured matter is then actively burned off to clean or regenerate the filter via an externally mounted regenerating station

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) Particulates, or soot particles

These are the most visible of the pollutants emitted from the exhaust of a diesel engine, they consist of large carbon particles with other attached and absorbed chemicals. Particulates in addition to being visible are toxic and carcinogenic, and the smaller particle of less than 10 microns (known as PM10s) can penetrate deep into the lungs causing respiratory problems. With the increased use of diesel engines, the increase in air borne particulates is becoming an increasing environmental issue.

Exhaust Pipe Clamps

Standard U bolt saddle clamps Mild steel, zinc plated

Exhaust pipes / tube 16 Gauge thin wall tube (1.5mm)

Available from 1" up to 6" diameter Flared and slotted ends, lengths up to 3m. Stainless or mild steel Mild steel has heat resistant finish


Virtually any shape of flange in mild steel or stainless steel, suitable for all engines. Fitted to pipe, silencers or spark arresters

Flexible Exhaust tubing Gas tight pipe

Ideal for in line flexing to absorb engine vibration Stainless steel for longevity Cut to length, 1" - 6" diameter

Pipe to pipe Adaptors

Any size of pipe adaptors can be produced in either mild steel or stainless steel Also available with angled bends or as pipe size reducers

Purifilter (Passive Regeneration)

PurifilterTM from Engine Control Systems is an integrated diesel particulate filter and silencer, which efficiently removes particulate (PM) and gaseous pollutants, CO and HC. The filter particles (soot), are automatically burnt off (self regeneration) at exhaust temperatures from 280°C or higher.

Rain Caps

Counter balanced vane type raincaps Single bolt clamp fixing Available as painted mild steel or stainless steel


With many years experience in producing spark arresters and catalytic converters, we can also design and build general purpose silencers for light industrial equipment and machinery. Western Tydens silencers are constructed using absorption and reflective techniques. We can produce virtually any silencer from customers drawings, or from a pattern.

Support Straps

For supporting silencers, spark arresters or catalysts Standard clamps are round, other shapes are available Mild steel or stainless steel

Welding Elbows

Tight radius 90 degree bends suitable for welding 1D radius 1.5mm mild steel or stainless steel 1" to 5" available

Swept Bends

Our pipe bending equipment allows us to produce any angle of bend in pipes up to 4" diameter Available in either mild or stainless steel Consult us with your requirements

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