Enginei Fuel Monitoring System

enginei is a marine fuel consumption monitoring solution which allows shore based staff to access and manage fuel consumption remotely.  enginei consists of bridge displays which give the crew of the ship information such as litres per mile, cost per mile and optimal throttle settings to improve the fuel efficiency of the ship and take ownership of the amount of fuel they are consuming and how they operate the vessel.

 Shipping operators understand that there is a need for change in how the vessels are operated; as fuel becomes ever more expensive, margins become tighter and legislation becomes stricter. Using enginei in partnership with company initiatives to get personnel to reduce vessel fuel consumption and improve the company’s operations can be the most cost effective and efficient way to reduce fuel costs.


  •     Bridge mounted Fuel Optimisation display
  •     Bridge mounted Fuel guage
  •     Automated logging of fuel data
  •     Robust and reliable flow meters
  •     All fuel and engine types
  •     Web based dashboard
  •     Trend analysis and management of data
  •     Compare ship to ship, master to master, route to route.
  •     Google earth tracking of vessel and fuel

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  • Reduction in fuel usage
  • Reduction in costs
  • Efficient working practices
  • Increased fuel awareness
  • Contributes to Green shipping
  • Accurate costing of fuel
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of fuel reduction technology