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Spark Arresters

Western Tydens Spark Arresters are designed specifically for preventing the risk of fire due to the ignition of flammable materials caused by spark emissions from the exhausts of diesel engines.
Diesel engines are particular susceptible to spark emissions due to the presence of a high ratio of oxygen in exhaust pipe. This serves as a positive catalyst for the ignition of partially burnt carbon particles, within the exhaust pipe, which are then discharged as sparks.
The unique design of the Western Tydens Spark Arresters has the effect of spinning the live carbon particles, consistent with the centrifugal principle. The spinning action renders these particles inert prior to discharge, while maintaining noise attenuation.
All our 316 Stainless Steel Spark Arresters comply with the ATEX (ATmospheric EXplosive) directive EN 1834.
We currently offer special order ATEX approved spark arresters for Marine applications.